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Heller expands its range of Torsion & Impact Bits

Since the beginning of 2021, in response to many customer requests, Heller offers its successful S2 quality Torsion & Impact Bits in practical "Microboxes". Furthermore, they added two new lengths to their range.

Heller Torsion & Impact Bits offer professional users a high added value compared to conventional bits, because they combine two functions in one product. On the one hand, the special torsion zone absorbs torque peaks and thus reduces the forces acting on the bit head during usage. Therefore, these bits have a lower risk of breakage and offer a significantly longer service life than non-impact bits. Moreover, thanks to the torsion zone, they are suitable for both soft and hard screw applications. On the other hand, the impact magnet holder in combination with the special bit design allows the use in impact machines. The particularly precise head construction also prevents the bit from slipping out of the screw head (cam out effect) and supports efficient power transmission.

In addition to the established 25 mm variants, users can now also obtain the Heller Torsion & Impact Bits, which are available for all common screw profiles, in 50 mm and 90 mm lengths. By expanding the range to include these dimensions, Heller serves an even wider range of applications.

Heller already offers its Torsion & Impact Bits very successfully in a 32-piece set. And in spring 2021, the company introduced the "Microbox", a new set that offers users several advantages. They can now buy individual bits in sets of 3 or 5. In addition, the bits are always safely stored in the reusable box. Heller also provides the Microboxes within its well-known 3D product presentation system, in which all 42 variants including bit holder and handle are clearly displayed.